Intellectual Property Protection

Our IP service includes market monitoring on infringed conducts, tracing production and marketing chain of fake products, investigating and conduct an crackdown on fakes factories and the warehouses. 


As an professional investigative agency , we have not only an professional investigators team who worked in police office, Trade and Industry Bureau and the Bureau of Quality Supervision, but also have professional investigative technology and extensive network of intelligence informer. We can provide excellent services on intellectual property infringement for you.


The main contents of investigation on infringement of copyright, patent right and trade mark are as follows:

The detailed methods of this service:

A. Sweeping specific regional markets. After receive an assignment, we’ll sweep infringers in specific regional markets according to accurate intelligence to ensure that this client’s market share of this market has obviously improved.


B. Investigating the sources of this infringement. According to delicate collection and analysis of intelligence, we can find out the sources of infringing products , such as warehouse or factory. Then we’ll organize action cooperate with the Police and the local media.


C. Cooperating with client’s law department or other related department, building an IP strategy for company together


D. Conduct after-crackdown tracing and monitoring to preventing the resurgence of illegal actionsand provide assistance in the following legal action for client after-crackdown.



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