Credit Management Services

As a leading provider of commercial risks control services in China, KRS always have been committed to providing comprehensive risk-control services for chinese enterprises. International credit management is a featured item that we provide specially for the numerous export-oriented enterprises. KRS has set up co-operation in Europe, USA etc. in order to provide professional credit management services for Chinese clients.


Service Procedure


Providing Related Paper

Firstly, the client should provide the documentation required to collect a debt:

Copies of the overdue invoice/s

Contact details of the debtor

Copies of the delivery note (in the case of goods, not so much services)

Copies of the contract or agreement between both parties

Copies of the request of delivery by the buyer/debtor


Primary Assessment

According to the material, KRS will make a primary assessment to decide if the case can be conducted.


Usually we deal with the cases that happen in regular businesses. For special ones such as the address is not accurate, no enforceable property or cheat, we’ll suggest the client make an initial investigation.



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