Competitive Intelligence Service
Keen Risk Solution has plenty of practical operational experience on competitive intelligence and rich theoretical accumulation. The competitive intelligence service could be divided into three parts: in-depth investigation and research on competitor; competitive intelligence protection of major projects; and consultancy and training on competitive intelligence.


Relying on the long–established database resources and information channels, we collect competitor’s relevant information in the frame of law through various channels. We can analyze and research competitor’s status and trend of development from a neutral perspective, and help the client have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding on the situation and trend of the competitor, so that the client can develop targeted competitive strategies according to the reliable information.


1.  In-depth investigation and research on competitor

In-depth investigation and research on competitor is one of our core services. The results of competitor investigation have two forms: in-depth investigation report and dynamic monitoring reports of each month.


The main contents we research on the competitor are as follows:

A. The basic situation and background of the competitor, such as its scope of marketing, the name of its legal representative, registered capital, its history and evolution, affiliation, changes of business scope.


B. The background of its shareholders and senior executives, such as the education and professional experience of its all shareholders and the main people in charge, the negative rumors, and whether it has political support or has gangland backgrounds.


C. Production situation, such as core products, the main projects under constructing and operating, production technology and its leading nature, cost/performance ratio, function and price of product, effectiveness, the objective and reality capacity of production.


D. Marketing, such as the sale strategy, price policy, sale districts, key markets and the types, volume and distribution of its clients.


E. The corporate structure, including the departments which have been set up, pay system, management system and so on.


F. Finance and credit status, such as registered capital and real capital, accounts bank and the dates of each account created on and whether has history of unreasonable owing.


G. Analysis and Forecast. This is built on a comprehensive understanding of the industry structure and the target’s condition, then get a comprehensive judgment and prediction depending on the comprehensive review and analysis to the target’s advantages and disadvantages.


The projects of dynamic monitoring of each month (or each season) on competitor include:

a)   Marketing condition: the production and sales of this month and the inventory of last month

b)   Development of new products: development information and type of new products

c)    Changes of price

d)    Business promotion activities

e)    Advertising:

f)      Personnel: senior executives leave or change positions; core research and development personnel to join and exit; recruitment plan

g)     Potential risks: possible strike and the movement of mass departures; possible environmental accidents; possible product quality problems


2.       Competitive intelligence protection of major projects

A.      Competitive intelligence services during bidding


B.      Competitive intelligence protection during financing investment process


C.      Competitive Intelligence protection during investment and acquisition


D.     Assistance of intelligence and anti-intelligence during company listed


This type of service is one of our core services. For more details, please contact our customer service via hotlines.


3. Training on competitive intelligence


Our training courses on competitive intelligence include these items:

A.  Institutions, positions and responsibilities of competitive intelligence system

B. The factors related on impacting the operation efficiency of competitive intelligence department and the solution

C. Identification and lock of competitor

D. Intelligence collection on competitor

E. How to collect intelligence on an exhibition

F. The method and essentials of telephone survey

G. Analysis and research on competitor’s intelligence

H. Monitoring and tracking on competitor

I.   Anti-intelligence skills


Our advantages

Professional and creditable —— Our agency is the assigned subcontractor of many multinational businesses. We attach importance to first-hand and reliability of information and make professional level-assessment on the resources of non-text and non- first-hand information to ensure the whole report has accurate and reliable resources of intelligence.


Professional field investigation ability —— We have one of the best work team on field investigation which can get a rapid familiar with the target sectors and establish business contacts with the target. Our work team has the ability to find out the actual situation quickly and accurately through field investigation.


Excellent ability on analysis and assessment —— We are the member of Society of Competitive Intelligence of China (SCIC), and has built good relations of cooperation with many domestic and foreign strategic research institutions. All these enable us to make high-quality analysis and assessment reports on various kinds of information rapidly and efficiently.



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