Merger and Acquisition (M&A)

KRS is the first professional consulting institution providing the comprehensive risk management for mergers and acquisitions in China. Via the risk assessment warning, the due diligence investigation based on on-site investigation and industrial chain, and the M&A full-flow trade secret protection, we provide clients with systematic M&A risk management services.


1. M&A Risk Assessment

According to the analyses on the political and security situation of the place where the M&A target is located, and the industry studies, we analyze local (client-related) politics, commerce and vested interests, to find out the interested parties that may thwart the merger, and the ways by which they may cause risks.


2. Due Diligence Investigation

KRS is China’s top-ranking provider of merger due-diligence investigation services, having operated a great deal of successful investigations for various investment institutions.

We conduct non-public on-site investigations on M&A targets, and through extensive visits on (interviews with) industrial upstream and downstream supply chain and industry professionals, endeavoring to explore the “business story and behavior logic” behind the merged/acquired enterprise’s public data and documents.


The due-diligence investigation can be either operated before the merger activity is officially started, or launched in the process of screening M&A targets. Our due-diligence investigation will minimize the risk and cost control of your M&A activities.


3. Protection of Trade Secrets in M&A

As regards all M&A links, the search for M&A targets and M&A negotiations, KRS provides systematic trade secret protection services, identifies and locks any possible malicious intelligence collection, discovers any possible disclosure channels for clients, so that a smooth going-on of M&A is ensured.



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