Research Findings


Research monograph

" China business Investigation Report"

" Safety management director"


Special papers

" The professional group of the manufacture and sale of fake cases project investigated the strategic thinking"


" The counter intelligence work in the monitoring, analysis and tracing method"


" The enterprise information security countermeasures"


" Trade war" -- sword of competitive intelligence of enterprise


" One one Chinese state-owned enterprises Cl planning industry the realistic option and the future"


" On the current domestic research company business problems, opportunities and Reflections on the transformation of"


" Chinese private investigation industry investigation report"


" Matrix AHP -- an effective organization and action analysis frame"


" Public opinion of network attack -- a new non war military means"


" Public opinion attacks : a note of caution for a new unfair competition strategy"


" Beyond all expectations results -- from" naval agreement" a case of reasoning thinking of detected effects"



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