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As increasingly fierce competition among enterprises and the changing market conditions, enterprises are facing more and more risks. Competitors use unfair competition means and employees frequently switch lead to the leakage of commercial secrets; Enterprises’ registered trademarks are infringed and imitated by malicious competitors; Professional Managers with relatives and/or friends establish competitive enterprises against his affiliated companies, or do business with his shares-owned enterprises by using his position in his affiliated companies; Malicious fraud in daily business dealings; Opportunities are missed because of the inability of competitive Intelligence, and make mistake on controlling the competitive environment etc. All of these may cause significant losses or even unbearable consequences.


Series of Orient Keen Eye lectures on corporate risks control

Use commercial investigation on corporate risks control

commercial investigation and establishment of a system of enterprises intellectual property strategies

Tracing the leakage of commercial secrets and establishing anti-intelligence system of enterprises

Protection of commercial secrets and risk control of corporate human resources

Competitive Intelligence gathering and competitive intelligence system establishing

Security of enterprises computer information


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