Trade Secret Protection Training

Course Name

Enterprise Business Secrecy Protection and Counterintelligence Technology


Course Syllabus


I.   Business Secret Protection in Enterprise Operating Activities

1. The important meaning of business secrecy protection for enterprise competitive decision-making

2. The scope of business secrets in market activities

3. Main modes of enterprise business secret protection

4. Status quo and issues of domestic enterprise business secret protection

5. Counterintelligence – active-type protection of business secrets


II. Enterprise HR Risk Control and Business Secret Protection

1. HR risk is the main risk of leaks of domestic enterprise business secrets

2. The business secret risk control model based on the entire-flow HR management

3. Business secret protection strategy based on HR


III. Business Secret Protection in Marketing Activities

1. How to identify false customers?

2. New product launching phase

3. Major project tendering/bidding


IV Business Secret Protection in Enterprise Major Phases

1. Strategic M&A

2. Enterprise new product R&D

3. Major negotiation activities


V Monitoring on Malicious Intelligence Collection Activities

1. Common contents of business intelligence collection

2. Common instruments of intelligence collection

3. Monitoring methods as regards different intelligence collection instruments

4. Essential answers (countermeasures) to intelligence threats at different levels


VI Business Secret Protection as regards Enterprise Senior Management

1. In social activities (business secret protection)

2. In media interviews (business secret protection)

3. In academic exchanges (business secret protection)

4. Information security protection of enterprise senior management in business travels


Possible attacks at various places in travels (case analysis)

In airport

Hotel room

Business center

Hotel saloon


VII Analysis, Locking and Tracing of Major Intelligence Threats

1. What does major intelligence threat mean?

2. Tracing methods as regards major intelligence threats

3. Analysis methods as regards major intelligence threats

4. Organization and command of counterintelligence case investigations

5. Work models of counterintelligence case investigations


Introduction of the Expert

Mr.Frank Zheng : An famous Chinese risk control expert, business secret protection expert, Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Industrial Economy Research Society, and Managing Director of KRS.

The instruction fields at which he is good: the competitive intelligence and counterintelligence, enterprise business secret protection, enterprise internal theft investigation in M&A due diligence (investigation) and enterprise operating activities.


Mode of Instruction

On-the-scene instruction, case analysis and interactive discussion


Language of Instruction



Course Time   

One day



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